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Texans v. Jaguars Open Thread Round Two; or "Oh, God, There's A Second Half?!"


How do you not see this?!
How do you not see this?!
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I knew this game was going to be bad, but it's so much worse than I could have possibly expected.

10 penalties in one half, and all of them, to put it nicely, were idiotic AVOIDABLE penalties, a potential brawl in the making which will probably lead to an ejection or two before the game's out, and to close out the half, a nice little fumble on special teams.

I could list off more things to hate about this game, and how watching this game is making me (and I'm sure others) question their very sanity, but I don't want to be held responsible for a mass suicide.

The worst of it is I'm out of Scotch.

Watch the second half here, if you're feeling brave/foolish.

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