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BREAKING NEWS: Houston Texans Fire Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano

The bloodbath continues at Reliant Park today, as the Texans have fired special teams coordinator Joe Marciano hours after terminating head coach Gary Kubiak. Texans fans will not be upset by that move at all.

Curly Bill Brocius said it best.  Bye.
Curly Bill Brocius said it best. Bye.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Berman tweets:

Wow. Bob McNair means business, and all it took was 11 straight losses for him to lose his patience. First Gary Kubiak, and now Joe Marciano. It makes sense, really, as Gary Kubiak was truly the only man alive who thought that Joe Marciano should coach the Texans' special teams units. Once Marciano's protector was gone, so too was "Coach Joe."

Unlike the firing of Gary Kubiak, I cannot imagine there are any maudlin feelings about this. Marciano should have been relieved of his duties years ago. So much virtual ink has been devoted to decrying Joe Marciano's continued employment here on BRB that I won't even attempt to rehash it in this post. This decision will be universally lauded by anyone who ever watched the Texans' deplorable special teams unit continue to fail, week after week, year after year.

Here's where I'd tell Joe Marciano thanks for the memories, but that doesn't apply. Instead, I'll just wish him well in his future endeavors and hope that said endeavors do not involve coaching any team I root for.

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