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An Open Letter To Joe Marciano: Thank You

An open letter to the man who brought so much... emotion to game days.

Bob Levey

As you may have heard, Joe Marciano was fired today. Inspired by Brett's heartwarming letter to Gary Kubiak (which, jokes aside, I agree with completely), I'd like to pen this open letter to Mr. Marciano, who I like to call Joe, on behalf of BRB and Texans fans everywhere.

Dear Joe,

Today we learned that you've been relieved of your duties as the Houston Texans' special teams coach. Words fail me at moments like this. To know that you've reached the end of your tenure with the Texans is without question an emotional moment for all of us.

While it's difficult to really express my feelings right now, I'd like you to know that you've truly been an inspiration to not only myself, but certainly to Texans fans across the nation. I've watched every Texans game in team history, and for each of those, I've seen your unit find new and exciting ways to make an otherwise forgotten element of football become an integral part of the gameday experience.

Every block in the back has been a moment of revelation. Every missed field goal, a beacon of light. Every kickoff returned to the 14-yard line has brought Texans fans closer together. Regardless of our disagreements in strategy or personnel, your leadership has been a unifying force for Texans around the world.

Who can forget Steve Slaton's kickoff return to the 1? Who will not remember the TEP (actually, only the blogospherically elder will likely recall that one)? Who among us will not tell their grandchildren about the trials and tribulations of Randy "the Fat Man" Bullock?

We've seen the impact that you've had on a number of young athletes as you've prepared them for success in later stages of their careers. Who knows if Jacoby Jones or Trindon Holliday could have accomplished what they have as returners in Baltimore and Denver without the time spent under your tutelage? They say that to truly succeed one must first learn to fail, and you have clearly provided those men with the education they so desperately needed.

Yet your influence extends beyond the football field. Your ability to remain gainfully employed through these hard times has inspired me to take things easy at my own work place. I find myself staring out the window on a regular basis and pondering the mysteries of butterflies. I worry not about responsibility or competence as I withstand another day. I know that if you can manage 12 years of employment in front a national audience, surely I can make it to Happy Hour.

And suddenly, it's over. I'll miss the way you so flawlessly provided us with material for a number of posts and how you made us so aware of all the intricacies of the rule book as they pertain to special teams. I hope you recover from this quickly and find a new job in Tennessee as soon as possible.

Thank you, Joe. You have truly made our teams special.

Best regards,