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Gary Kubiak Releases Statement After Firing By Houston Texans

Even on the way out after a tremendously disappointing campaign, Gary Kubiak oozes class. See what he had to say after he was fired by the Texans today.

Thank you, Coach.
Thank you, Coach.
Jamie Squire

Courtesy of CBS Houston, here is the statement Gary Kubiak released after he was relieved of his duties as head coach of the Houston Texans today:

"I want to thank Bob McNair and his family for giving me my first head coaching opportunity in the National Football League. Bob has treated me with the utmost class and respect throughout my career with the Texans. I am appreciative of him for bringing me back to Houston to coach my hometown team.

I want thank the players and coaches for all the work they have put in during my years with the Texans. Though we came up short this season, the work, effort and sacrifice they gave me and this organization over the last eight seasons is not to be taken for granted. I want to wish them all the best.

I want to thank the people in the organization for their support over all the years. We could not have achieved our goals without their tireless work and commitment to our team.

Lastly, my family and I want to thank the city of Houston for their support of the football team and our family. We had a great run here and we will never forget our back-to-back AFC South Championships. Coming back home was a dream come true for all of us. This will always be our home. Thank you."

First class all the way, as you'd expect from Coach Kubiak. While Texans fans can be disappointed with his and the team's performance this season, Kubes was always a gentleman of the highest order in his dealings with the public. Best wishes to him and his family in all that they do.