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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Cokeboys @ Da Bears

It's cold outside. You've got nothing better to do, so you'd might as well take off your pants and curl up with BRB, instead.

Look at us!  We're fuzzy bunnies!
Look at us! We're fuzzy bunnies!
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So, that happened.  We lost to the mighty Glitter Kitties of Doublewideville.

Then, Uncle Bob McNair did something I don't think anybody thought he was capable of: he fired #JoeMarGameBall himself, Joe Marciano.  To celebrate, our special teams committed three penalties for 30 yards and first down, and Marciano received another game ball.  Shiloh Keo has been promoted to QB.

Oh.  Oh yeah.  Uncle Bob also fired Gary Kubiak.  Whatevs.

DJ Swearinger committed two personal fouls while reading the above sentence.

So, here we are.  Yep, we're here wallowing in our own flatulence in a great Dutch oven of fail.  This must be what it's like to root for the Cokeboys year after year after Tony RomoLOL year.  Hopefully, we won't be left for years flailing for something considered an important victory like Cokeboys fans, however.  As a UT fan, even I realize 2005 was a long time ago.

Speaking of RomoLOL, join us tonight as we point and laugh at the Cokeboys as the face-off against the Ditka-less Chicago Da Bears.

Though it seems like this has been a week of doom and gloom, just remember: at least we don't root for the Cokeboys.  I feel better.  I hope you do, too.

Usual open thread rules apply.  Be kind to each other, or I'll pull this blog over and everybody gets a beating. #Tank4Teddy