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Reminder: Deadline For Entries To Join BRB Staff Is Monday

Battle Red Blog is looking to bring new voices aboard, and the deadline to submit an entry is Monday, February 4th.


A quick reminder as you head into your Super Bowl Weekend...if you're interested in joining the BRB "staff," the deadline to submit an entry is Monday at 5 p.m. CST. I've already received several entries, but there's always room for more. To that end, some points of clarification in response to questions I've been asked:

1. There is no minimum or maximum word count for each entry or post you'd be expected to contribute per week.

2. When I say we'd want a commitment of at least four (4) posts per week, I am in no way implying you need to get four tomes of analysis up per week. Not all posts are created equal. Some will be short. Some may just be links to other pieces about the Texans. Some may be open threads. Any of that would qualify. Of course, we want quality stuff, but I don't expect everything on the site to be Pulitzer worthy. If I did, I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world.

3. There's no cap on how many writers we will add. I'm not opposed to adding one, two, three, four, or however many new voices. If we can add multiple assets to make the site better, we're going to do it.

Any other questions? E-mail me or leave 'em in the Comments. Thanks again to everyone who has taken or will take the time to write in.