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2013 NFL Free Agency: Shaun Cody Had Back Surgery

The Texans' starting nose tackle--though he could be anyone's starting nose tackle from this point forward, as he's due to become an unrestricted free agent--had back surgery in late January.


If you weren't already aware of it, Shaun Cody had back surgery out in California a week and a half ago:

Cody was bothered by a back injury he suffered in preseason. Dr. Robert Watkins performed a “successful microscopic lumbar discectomy surgery for a lumbar disc herniation” at Marina Del Rey Hospital, according to a release put out by the doctor.

The surgery was performed on Jan. 29.

Cody, whose contract expires in March, played in 13 games last season, including 12 starts.

The longtime whipping boy for Texans fans fought back issues throughout the season, and this development would not seem to bode well for him as he enters free agency as a 30 year old. If the Texans want to bring him back (which they may, especially at the right price), this could serve to make him a more palatable option, at least as contractual demands might go.