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NFP's Latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft: With The 27th Overall Pick, The Houston Texans Select...

Mock Draft Fever is in full effect, people. Get your fix via National Football Post's latest mock draft.

Very Close Encountersish, no?
Very Close Encountersish, no?

Russ Lande of the National Football Post has his latest mock draft up. His current selection for your Houston Texans?

27. Houston Texans: Kevin Minter, ILB, LSU, Junior: When inside linebacker Brian Cushing was lost for the season with a knee injury, the Texans defense struggled to play at the high level it had been. So even though Cushing is expected to be 100% for the 2013 season, the Texans grab Minter to start next to him and hopefully provide the playmaking ability to allow their defense to continue playing at a high level if Cushing gets hurt again.

I can think of at least one Texans fan who will not applaud this selection and accompanying analysis.