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Football is Over. Happy Valentine's Day! Right?

It's time to spill the beans and share your secrets. Does your significant other enjoy football as much as you do? How do you manage? Is Valentine's Day your chance to make up for a season's worth of neglect? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cam' on, luv!  Give us a kiss!
Cam' on, luv! Give us a kiss!
Bob Levey

I am going to try to keep this article as gender neutral as possible, but let's face it: Wives and girlfriends around the world have been dueling with sports for the attention of men for hundreds of years. This conflict has even garnered national attention as a threat to relationships. So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, open your minds and your hearts to share your secrets for achieving the harmonious balance of Spouses and Sports we all strive to achieve.

- How does your spouse or that special-someone in your life handle you on football Sundays? Do they match your intensity? Are they reluctant participants? Or are they completely MIA?

- Is there an elaborate bargaining system you've brokered that allows you to enjoy football, uninterrupted? Or was this a deal-breaker you established from the beginning?

- Guys: You've been invited to a sports bar to watch the game with a bunch of your best bros. Would you invite your girl? Girls, would you go?

- Conversely, if you're Tommy-Table-For-One this year, how important is it for your future life partner to embrace your love of football?

- And finally the $1,000,000 Question: would you marry a Titans fan? No? How about this one?

Share your wisdom below, and give the love of your life -- human or otherwise-- a big wet kiss. Tell them it was from Corzo.