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Mike Mayock Talks The 2013 NFL Draft With Rich Eisen

Please, Durga. Just once let Gus Johnson and Mike Mayock do a game together.

MDC swoons.
MDC swoons.
Jonathan Daniel

Respected draft analyst Mike Mayock talked with Rich Eisen about the upcoming NFL Draft for nearly a half-hour this week on Eisen's podcast. I've never been one to accept most draftnik's player breakdowns and team needs analyses, but Mayock is the exception. He watches more tape than anyone in the business and is probably the single most educational mainstream "football media" member in the country. Considering he doesn't use Twitter, doesn't write articles, and generally only speaks his mind on a few segments here and there throughout the season, getting a half-hour of Mayock is a rare treat. It's worth a listen.

Direct Link: Mayock comes in at about the 15 minute mark.