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2013 NFL Salary Cap: New Updated Estimate As To What It'll Be

The latest word about what the 2013 NFL salary cap will be is out.

Glover's coming.
Glover's coming.
Sam Greenwood

Updating this story, PFT is now reporting that the salary cap for NFL teams for the upcoming season "will exceed $122 million in 2013." Furthermore:

An increase in the unadjusted cap also increases the per-team minimum spending requirement, which commences this year. On a four-year rolling average, teams must spend in cash 89 percent of the annual unadjusted cap.

In other words, while the Texans would seemingly get additional breathing room with this news, it also increases the amount of money other teams (Bengals, Colts, etc.) must spend. That bodes very well for potential free agents--more money for teams to spend, and more money teams have to spend to comply with the salary floor.