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Miscellaneous Houston Texans Entertainment For Your Entertainment

Bored? Yeah, I know. Here are some random things to look at while you take a break from wasting time at work!

Is it April yet?
Is it April yet?

Not-football season rages on. Brett, Tim, Rivers, TexansDC, the Professor and Mary-Anne have what little news trickling out on lockdown, so here's some random stuff for you to enjoy. has an interesting quiz. Can you name the all starting quarterbacks for the Houston Texans? There are two that I couldn't remember for the life of me. I bet some of the diehards will nail this easily. My Texans knowledge gets pretty hazy before 2008, sadly.

Check out this 2012-2013 Ultimate Highlight video of your Houston Texans. It's pretty well done and shows the ups and downs of the season in dramatic fashion:

ESPN has free online games. I've been playing Return Man 2 for the last hour, and it has kept me mildly entertained. Check it out. I managed a score of 14,071 before it started feeling like Joe Marciano himself was out there blocking for me.

And speaking of games, find me on XBOX Live. My GT is DrunkenSmuggler. If I can drum up enough interest, I will host a BRB Madden Tournament. Come get some!

Post random, funny things to look at in the comments and add me on XBOX!

EDIT: I saw this thanks to commenter Johnathan Fosburgh. What if every NFL team was British?