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Houston Texans Hire Jeff Zgonina As Assistant Defensive Line Coach

Jeff Zgonina is back in town, but he's not your new nose tackle!

Rick Smith, proud Boilermaker.
Rick Smith, proud Boilermaker.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Per the official Twitter of your Houston Texans, Jeff Zgonina is back in the fold.

Breathe easy Texan faithful, Zgonina is not your brand new nose tackle. The Texans have hired him to serve as an assistant defensive line coach to Bill Kollar.

Zgonina, as I'm sure you'll remember, played in Houston from 2007 to 2009. He's reunited with his four-time former DL coach in Kollar and former Purdue teammate Rick Smith, the current general manager. Zgonina, as Mark Berman notes, played 17 years in the NFL. The move has quickly been called a great hire for the Texans as Zgonina's a hard-working, football-loving son of a gun.

Since it's draft season and this is in the scouting department, it should also be noted that Russell Joyner was promoted from Football Administration Developer to Director of Football Information Systems...whatever that is.

Is this the first of coaching staff and front office changes or is this just a blip on the radar as we await the NFL Combine? Either way, let's hope that Zgonina has some new nose tackles to develop.

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