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2013 NFL Combine: Gary Kubiak Press Conference

Thanks to the transcription skills of USA Today, we have a complete record of Gary Kubiak's remarks at the NFL Combine today. Some of Kubes' remarks are vanilla. Others will garner a reaction from Texans fans.

Gary's fade is high and tight, son.
Gary's fade is high and tight, son.

As foretold by the Fates, Gary Kubiak addressed the media earlier today at the NFL Combine. Rick Smith did as well, but we don't have a transcript of his remarks yet. Kubes, though? Oh, we have a transcript. And it would appear Joe Marciano still has a loyal chum in Gary Kubiak. Some of the highlights, Marciano-related and otherwise:

On finding a second WR...

"I think that continues to be right now a big focus for us as an organization. We drafted a few young guys last year. I do have a young guy in Lestar Jean that I think a lot of. DeVier Posey was making big, big progress and now we're dealing with a significant injury that is going to take some time."

"So I think its important that we continue to strengthen our team in that area. Andre is in year 11 or something like that now so weve got to find some other guys to continue to produce alongside of him."

Question on James Casey…

"I think he was very much involved with what we did. I think he had a 30-plus catch season playing the fullback position for us. If there's one thing that maybe kept that from getting bigger is the fact that (TE) Garrett Graham was such a fine player for us in training camp. We took a risk going with two tight ends going into the season, if you counting James it was three. OD (Owen Daniels) and Garrett played exceptional for us. James did a good job. He played all over the place. He starts at fullback for us. He's grown a lot as a player. He's in a free-agent situation but we think the world of him. He's done a good job."

Question about penalties...

"We're a big penalty team in special teams. That's a big concern of ours. If I'm looking for a reason why we fell off a little bit, our inside linebacker situation got very thin when we lost Cush. When you're having problems at linebacker in the NFL, you're probably going to suffer on special teams."

"We're not going to use that as an excuse. But it's something we have to do better."

"It was young players for the most part. But that's not an excuse. You're going to play with young players. We've got to do a better job of not having it happen. And if they do, find a way to overcome them. It's just something we have to continue to work on especially when you're at a point in the season when we're not putting the pads on anymore and you can't beat on anymore late in the season, you have to maintain your focus."

Brooks Reed...

"He's very capable of being a stack player, playing inside in our 3-4. Yes, that could happen. But we'd liked him as a SAM, he's a heck of a SAM player. But you've always have to have some flexibility with one player or two players in various situations when you come across like what we did last year. Depending on what happens with our football team moving forward right now with Connor (Barwin) and some other things we're always looking for some flexibility."

Does Matt Schaub need more flexibility audibiling at line...

"He does do a lot for us. We do a lot more than you may think. We do a lot of at the line of scrimmage. Matt probably does as much for me as I've had anybody do in a while. Matt's played a lot of football for us. Yeah, if we keep going I trust him to do a lot of things. We're built a certain way, so we're going to teach our system. But he's very capable of getting us in the best play possible. And I think we're doing that most of the time anyway."

Developing the QB depth in draft...

"You're always looking to do that. I have a young player in T.J. (Yates) who I think a lot of. He goes from playing a lot of football, starting a playoff game to basically not doing much of all this year, having maybe 10 snaps, that was tough."

"I have a young player from the University of Houston in Case Keenum, I think a lot of who came a long way for me last year. I feel good about those guys pushing Matt. And then we did sign McGee here a couple of weeks ago."

"In this business, you better be looking for young quarterbacks you think have a chance to be a 10, 12-year guy. This year will be no different."