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Report: NFL Pushing To Change Its Offseason Calendar

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the NFL wants to adjust its current offseason calendar, but the NFLPA has to agree to it. Is it feasible that such an agreement would happen?

Ch-ch-ch-change, people.
Ch-ch-ch-change, people.
Christian Petersen

Last night, Adam Schefter broke the story that the NFL wants to amend its current offseason calendar.

Instead of the current practice of holding the NFL Combine in late February, beginning free agency in March, and holding the draft in late April, the NFL now wants to push the Combine back to early March (while instituting regional combines leading up to the big Combine in Indianapolis), push free agency back to early April, and push the draft back to early May. The NFL is also proposing that every team begin training camp on the same day, as opposed to the current staggered starts the league currently allows.

In order for any of this to happen, the NFLPA has to approve the proposal. I don't see that happening, chiefly because I doubt the NFLPA will accept the idea of delaying free agency in any way, shape, or form. Indeed, how does it benefit the veterans to wait for the free agency period to begin? The teams, sure. But the players? I don't see it, and I'm guessing that's a deal-breaker.

BFD disagrees with me. I'm going to paste his e-mail response to my initial reaction below. It's almost like he actually posted something!

I don't agree. Look at two offseasons ago when that week of FA was an orgy of signings and transactions. I mean, yeah, the NFLPA might be hesitant in some ways, but there were some crazy contracts signed because of the sense of urgency.

What say you? Agree with me? Agree with BFD? Disagree with both of us because we're missing the most important point? You can also simply share your thoughts on the proposed offseason calendar shift in the Comments below.