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2013 NFL Draft: Scouting Combine--Day 1 Open Thread

Are you just like me? Are you sitting on your couch for the next ten hours to watch the 2013 NFl Combine? Good. Here's your open thread.

It's really scary how much this family looks alike.
It's really scary how much this family looks alike.

One of my favorite days of the year is finally here! In some ways I enjoy draft season more than the real season. Sure, it's nice to watch real football sometimes, but there's something about imaginary future football that is so much more appealing to me. Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with being right about things, maybe it's because I'm psychotic and don't have enough friends, or maybe it's because the hope brought on by an NFL Draft is the only thing that gets me through the spring.

Whatever the reason, this might as well be my Black Friday to the proverbial Christmas morning that is the NFL Draft. Spending an entire Saturday watching Mike Mayock disperse knowledge to his viewing audience? I can think of no better way to spend today.