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Jacoby Jones To Do "Dancing With The Stars"

I don't know how, but I blame Joe Marciano for this.

Where the hell was this when you were in Houston, Jacoby?!
Where the hell was this when you were in Houston, Jacoby?!

It was bad enough that Jacoby Jones waited until the Divisional Round of the 2012 AFC Playoffs to show off his most buttterfingery performance as a Texan of that year. It was worse when we saw what Jones did at the Super Bowl, in a Ravens uniform, what we had long hoped he would do for the Texans. And if it weren't for Joe Flacco, we'd all have puked in our collective beers as he collected a Super Bowl MVP trophy.

No, that wasn't enough. Now the television-watching public will be treated to watch as the erstwhile former Texan tosses, catches, and slings whichever poor soul is unlucky enough to wind up as his dance partner on the (inexplicably) popular reality show "Dancing with the Stars," according to Pro Football Talk.

All I know about this is that I hope his dance partner, whoever that may be, has her medical insurance fully up to date.

With that said, anybody plan on tuning in just to watch him make a fool of himself?