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2013 NFL Draft: Mocking The Draft's Latest Is Out And Ready For Your Reaction

You'll surely read any number of mock drafts in the next two months, yet I'm fairly sure you won't read another one that has this player going first overall.

Manti Texan?
Manti Texan?
Jonathan Daniel

Before the Combine, MTD said your Houston Texans would make Arthur Brown their own. Now, a week later, they're sticking with the notion of the Texans grabbing a linebacker, but it isn't Brown anymore. Their latest effort can be read in its entirety here; the Texans' mock pick is immediately below.

27. Houston Texans
Manti Te'o, Notre Dame
MLB 6'1 241 Sr.

Manti Te'o's draft stock is tough to pin down. As a player, he's a mid-to-late first round prospect. Add in the distraction he could bring, and it's tough to tell which teams will want to take a chance on him. He makes sense for Houston because of the leadership in place and the need in the middle of the defense.

Manti Te'o scouting report

No thank you, I say. And how about who they've got going to Kansas City with the first overall pick? Bet you won't see that anywhere else, ever.