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AFC South Reconnaissance Report - 2/27/2013

Another week gone by and another week closer to the NFL Draft. Let's take another look at what our friends in the AFC South are up to. We're also going to check up on Coach Jerry and the South Oklahoma Cowboys.

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Joe Robbins

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys' owner, and human soundbite generator, Jerry Jones is on record saying that he will never relinquish his role as general manager of the team. For that, we are truly thankful! Most recently, Jones was quoted as being less than committed to improving an offensive line that gave up 36 sacks and produced the second-worst rushing total in the NFL with 1,265 yards. The reason? Tony Romo.

"If you’re going to have a guy…that can handle a porous offensive line, it’s Tony," Jones said. "Tony has some of the best percentages operating behind pressure situation of anyone in the NFL. If there were a place theoretically that you had to have a weakness with Tony Romo at quarterback, that might be a place to have it. You just can’t’ have it all."

This is pretty backwards thinking coming from a team that is looking to extend Romo's contract. Going cheap on pass protection and run blocking is a recipe for disaster-- just ask the Cardinals. In the last three seasons, Romo has suffered a broken clavicle, fractured rib, and a punctured lung. Romo certainly has fantastic mobility, but it only goes so far. However, Jones did give fans a sliver of hope when he mentioned possibly drafting a "center/guard type," but the lack of urgency has to be worrisome. The Cowboys have talent on offense, but improving that poor line should be top priority.

The Cowboys' dealings have little effect on the Texans, but it's always fun to hear about what our big brother alcoholic step-uncle is up to. They're not quite the Jets in terms of pure, circus-style entertainment, but the Cowboys are a fun show to watch nonetheless.

Indianapolis Colts

Nothing interesting from the Colts this week, so enjoy this Arian Foster 2012-13 highlight video:

Arian Foster Highlights 2012-2013 Highlights//Samurai Bull (via sololeg2)

Tennessee Titans

Despite common wisdom, the Titans have their eye on drafting Alabama guard Chance Warmack with their 10th overall pick according to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. Draft guru Mike Mayock thinks so highly of him that he recommends the Chiefs draft him #1 overall. Warmack has even drawn comparisons to Hall of Famer Larry Allen. He's that good. If not Warmack, North Carolina guard Johnathan Cooper would be a great consolation prize for the Titans who are looking to improve their interior run-blocking for pricey halfback Chris Johnson.

The precedent is there for the Titans. Back in the Oiler days, they drafted future Hall of Fame guards-- and current coaches-- Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews with top-10 picks in 1982 and 1983, respectively. If the Titans follow their own history, and ignore the groupthink, there could be some pretty epic showdowns for J.J. Watt twice a year for a quite some time.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The San Francisco 49ers, reportedly, have a deal in place to trade Alex Smith* once trading opens on March 12, but it's not the Jaguars, according to GM Dave Caldwell. (Update: it's the Chiefs. Surprise!) They will be moving forward with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne but have been rumored to be interested in Matt Scott, a potential dual-threat quarterback from Arizona. Scott was coached for two years by Frank Scelfo, who is now the quarterbacks coach of the Jaguars.

Caldwell also fielded questions on the podium at the Scouting Combine. Much like the Texans, he will be looking to upgrade at defensive tackle and right tackle through the Draft.

Free agent cornerback Derek Cox will likely hit the open market. The Jaguars are in full rebuilding mode and not likely to sign him to a multi-year deal, nor are they willing to use the franchise tag (valued over $10 million) to keep him. The Jaguars won't be better without him, but if they want to keep their turnaround a short one, they're going to need the kind of salary cap freedom that the Indianapolis Colts will enjoy this offseason.

*By the way, trading Smith could net the 49ers, who already own a staggering 14 picks, even more selections in this year's draft… an embarrassment of riches for a team that just made the Super Bowl.

That's it for this week. You can just call me Arnie Pie in the Sky because I've got a bird's eye view on the Texans' foes in the AFC South. Stick with me all offseason to monitor what these usurpers plan to do about the Texans' stranglehold on the division. And look out on the corner of 14th and Elm because I just dropped my bagel!