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2013 NFL Salary Cap: Newest Estimate Asserts Cap Will Be Even Higher Than Last Expected

Yet another guess at what the 2013 NFL Salary Cap will be. The good news is that the estimates keep going up. The bad news is that no one really knows what's true.

"Fools!  No one knows what the salary cap will be!"
"Fools! No one knows what the salary cap will be!"
Scott Halleran

First, it was thought the 2013 salary cap for NFL teams would be $121,500,000.00. Then PFT reported it would exceed $122,000,000.00. Now, PFT says sources are claiming the new cap will actually be even bigger--north of $123,000,000.00.

At $123 million, that’s only a 1.9-percent increase over last year. But it’s more than anyone thought it would be. And the extra $2.4 million in 2013 can provide the foundation for a much larger guaranteed payment now, with the amount spread for cap purposes over multiple years.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of "Who Wants To Pretend To Know What The Salary Cap Will Be?".

SPOILER ALERT: No one knows, but someone is sure to report it'll be $124,000,000.00. And then I'll post about it, because I'm a moron.