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Super Bowl Recap: Congratulations To The Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are now the reigning champions of the NFL. Read the reactions of Texans fans to that reality.

The Texans do not own a house on this street.
The Texans do not own a house on this street.
Mario Tama

And with that, the 2012 NFL season has come to a close. The Baltimore Ravens are the champions of the world, which necessarily means a few things:

1. We now live in a world where Jacoby Jones is a Super Bowl hero.

2. If you were one of those people (like me) who loudly claimed Matt Schaub was/is a superior quarterback to Joe Flacco, you look rather foolish today. Actually, we've looked foolish for awhile; we simply look extraordinarily dumb today.

3. Vonta Leach and Bernard Pollard have rings. Kudos to both of them.

4. We've seen it several times over the last few years, and the lesson was reinforced this postseason: Playing your best football and getting hot at the right time has a funny way of rendering seeding/regular season success virtually meaningless.

Anything else you're taking away from the 2012 NFL season, whether it concerns your Houston Texans or not?

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