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2013 NFL Draft: Mocking The Draft's Post-Super Bowl Mock Draft Is Here

With the 27th fake pick in the fake 2013 NFL Draft, the fake Houston Texans select...

I must go. My planet needs me.
I must go. My planet needs me.
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Fake Cordarrelle Patterson.

Per Mocking the Draft's Matthew Fairburn:

The 2013 NFL Draft class is strong at wide receiver, particularly in the first two rounds. The way this mock draft is playing out, a wide receiver run at the bottom of the first round makes a lot of sense. Cordarrelle Patterson would provide the Texans' passing game with a much needed spark across from Andre Johnson.

You can read the entire mock draft here. MTD is known for not being afraid of shying away from the "consensus" value chart in their projections, so it's always worth a bookmark come draft season if you want a fresh perspective on things. Obviously, I'm more partial to inside linebacker for the Texans' first pick, but it's very hard not to get a little bit excited at the prospect of Patterson in deep steel blue. I mean, wow, just look at this guy:

I dig it.