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As A Texans Fan, What Was Your Reaction To The Percy Harvin Trade?

The Seahawks gave up a ton to acquire Percy Harvin. As fans of another wide receiver needy team, how did Texans aficionados react?

He was never really going to be a Texan.  We all know that, right?
He was never really going to be a Texan. We all know that, right?
Jeff Gross

By now, you've likely heard the news that the Vikings, pending a physical, have traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks. Although all the specifics of the deal aren't publicly known yet, our friends at The Daily Norseman tell us that Jay Glazer has reported that the Vikings will receive Seattle's first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft (No. 25 overall), a seventh round pick, and a "mid-round pick" in the 2014 NFL Draft. Of course, in addition to parting with those draft picks, Seattle will also presumably have to ink Percy Harvin to a lucrative extension. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Many Texans fans dreamt of Smithiak somehow acquiring Harvin. Had the Texans been able to put Harvin's well documented character issues aside (a leap I sincerely doubt they were capable of making), can you imagine Rick Smith parting with a first-rounder for Percy Harvin? Especially given that such a deal would almost necessarily require a fat new deal for Harvin, which in turn would have caused the Texans to get considerably more creative with the allocation of their cap dollars?

Even if you answered in the affirmative to both of those questions, that still wouldn't have been good enough to get Harvin. Seattle also surrendered a seventh-rounder this year (meh) and a mid-round pick (I'm guessing that means no better than a third rounder and no worse than a fifth rounder) in next year's draft. That's a high price to pay for any player, and definitely a sizable risk when you're talking about Percy Harvin. Whether Harvin is worth that price--to say nothing of whether he'll be worth the dollars his new deal will guarantee--will be seen in the next few years. It seems rather unlikely the Texans would have seriously contemplated acquiring Harvin to let him answer that riddle in Houston. Taking that sort of risk doesn't strike me as Smithiakian.

Consequently, I can't get bent out of shape about the trade. Harvin wasn't ever a realistic option for the Texans. Your view may vary. If it does, let us know in the Comments.