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2013 NFL Free Agency: The Calm Before The Storm After The Much-Ballyhooed Turbulence

The Free Agent Frenzy actually starts today. Share your last-minute hopes, dreams, fears, predictions, and observations here.

No matter what happens today, J.J. Watt is a Texan in 2013.
No matter what happens today, J.J. Watt is a Texan in 2013.

Well, after a relatively quiet legal tampering period, the 2013 free agency period for the NFL kicks off today at 3 p.m. Houston time. Nine hours from now, we'll see how many deals were silently made during the legal tampering period and how many visits were lined up.

Is beloved Houston Texans safety Glover Quin long for Detroit? Did general manager Rick Smith do the right thing by letting his free agent class test the market? Will outside linebacker Connor Barwin take a one-year deal or receive megabucks? Will I be right about Quin, Barwin, or fullback James Casey and never let any Battle Red Blog reader hear the end of it?

Soon, we will have all the answers to the questions that have kept us up at night. This is your community open thread to count down the hours and share all your hopes, dreams, observations, predictions, and opinions on vague Tweets.