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Battle Red News Wire: NFC Arms West Edition (03/12)

Go west, young wide receiver! A look at the day's news from Battle Red Blog.

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Sam Greenwood

It's that time again for the daily news that's relevant to Texans fans. At the very least, it's the news that managed to grab my gerbil-like attention span.

The major story yesterday, of course, was the trades of Percy Harvin and Anquan Boldin. SBNation was all over the story. Field Gulls devolved into children on Christmas morning - "ERMAHGERD PERCY HARVIN. Thanks Mom, that's exactly what I wanted!" Niners Nation brings up the question of Boldin's hit on the salary cap. On the other side of the coin, Daily Norseman and Baltimore Beatdown attempted to pick up the pieces.

Speaking of Baltimore, Joe Flacco doesn't seem to be letting that whole $120.6 million contract go to his head. In an interview with USA Today, Flacco said he laughed at Ray Lewis' pregame speeches at times.

The Chronicle and the Texans laid out the landscape of Houston's free agents and each player's impact on the team. Arguably, the most prominent of the Texans' free agents, Glover Quin, has caught the eye of Lions. Devin O'Barr takes a look at the Texans' wide receivers and the draft.

Texans Tweets

A few tweets of note by the Texans this week. Starting with Glover he voicing frustration with the Texans or refereeing to the trades that happen yesterday? I'm going to go with the latter.

Arian Foster is in the runner for the Madden '14 cover.

Finally, the Texans are getting into the St. Patrick's spirit early this year.