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2013 NFL Free Agency Open Thread: The Market Opens

After weeks of conjecture and farcical cap management, NFL free agency officially begins. Talk Glover Quin, Connor Barwin, James Casey, and other potential Texans (or non-Texans) in BRB's free agency open thread.

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Have we seen the last of Connor Barwin in a Texans uniform?
Have we seen the last of Connor Barwin in a Texans uniform?
Jonathan Daniel

It's here. We've spent countless hours dissecting very story, news item, and tweet. No more. NFL free agency is upon us, and we will finally be treated to some answers. Answers to questions like:

-Where will Connor Barwin sign?
-Where will Glover Quin sign?
-Where will Justin Forsett sign?
-Where will James Casey sign?
-Where will the rest of these guys sign?
-Who else will the Houston Texans sign?

It's "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" come to life! Or it could be, if Rick Smith was writing this post. And somehow killed Charley Casserly. I don't know. On second thought, that analogy doesn't really hold water. Disregard.

Share any news, thoughts, hopes, and free agency related dreams in the Comments below. I'll leave you with two bold free agency predictions that are wholly specultative. First, Glover Quin signs with the Lions. Second, Connor Barwin signs with the Bengals. I hope I'm wrong. The good news for Texans fans is that I'm almost always wrong, so you've got that going for you, which is nice.