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2013 NFL Free Agency Report: Ed Reed Will Visit Texans Tomorrow

The first word of the Texans doing something in free agency has leaked, and boy is it a doozy.

Future Texan?  Or simply kicking the tires?
Future Texan? Or simply kicking the tires?

Take it away, Jason La Canfora:

Wow. With Glover Quin leaving Houston for Detroit, the Texans have a pronounced need at safety. Oh, and Ed Reed's one of the best of all time. He is older and may well command more in 2013 than Quin did, but it's also unlikely Reed would be looking for much, if any, of a multi-year deal at age 34. If the Texans manage to ink Reed, they could conceivably upgrade at safety while simultaneously increasing their salary cap flexibility.

One thing to keep an eye on...if Reed gets on a plane, be it for San Francisco, Indianapolis, or anywhere else after meeting with the Texans, the chances of him signing here decrease dramatically. Teams generally do their best to prevent a target from leaving if there's serious interest (e.g., Mario Williams in Buffalo last year), and the Texans have operated that way in free agency before (e.g., Dan Orlovsky). If you read or hear about Reed leaving Houston without a deal, I'd suggest adjusting your expectations of him playing alongside Danieal Manning in September accordingly.