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Battle Red News Wire: No Leaf Glover

Day two of NFL free agency; Quin goes north. It's the latest Texans news on Battle Red Blog.

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Jonathan Daniel

The NFL version of March Madness had an eventful second day. The exodus of Texans continued and the Ravens defense is further dismantled.

So Long, Glover Quin

Quin signed with the Lions yesterday for a 5-year deal, though the exact money figure is still unknown. Glover was the main target to resign for many Texans fans this offseason, so it's strange to find out that the Texans didn't make an offer to Quin. Well, happy trails, Mr. Quin.

Ed Reed on Texans' Radar

So after the news of Quin heading to RoboCop Land, word came out that Ed Reed's first visit in free agency would be in Houston. Reed would do every nicely in recouping the loss of a youngish defensive starter. Danieal Manning sliding over strong safety, Reed floating around at FS.

It's Still a Waiting Game with Barwin

Everything is still in a holding pattern with Connor Barwin. The current front runner for his services appears to be the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm still pushing for his return at very least so can get #BarwinHouseParty going.

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