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2013 NFL Free Agency: Connor Barwin Speaks About His Decision To Leave Houston To Sign With Eagles

After choosing to sign with the Eagles, Connor Barwin made the rounds with the Houston media to explain his decision. Listen and read what he had to say.

Best wishes to you in Philly, Connor.
Best wishes to you in Philly, Connor.

Connor Barwin chose to leave Houston to sign with the Eagles earlier today. Despite all the chaos that naturally surrounds a decision of that magnitude, Barwin made time to speak to a few different members of the Houston media.

First, here's a link to the interview Connor gave Barry Warner on Sports Radio 610 after he signed with the Eagles. Lots of good stuff in there about his appreciation of his time in Houston and how the negotiations went, including but not limited to how the Texans handled themselves.

Some quotes from Barwin, courtesy of Mark Berman:

From the Chronicle's Tania Ganguli:

Kudos to Barwin for remaining a class act on the way out of town.