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2013 NFL Free Agency: Ed Reed Has Not Signed With Texans Yet, Will Stay In Houston Overnight

The Ed Reed Watch rolls on. What's the latest on whether he'll sign with the Texans?

Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, I don't know if you heard, but Ed Reed flew in to meet with the Texans today. Something about maybe moving here for a job. I'm not privy to the discussions between Reed and Rick Smith, so I could be wrong. What I am privy to, however, is Twitter. And Twitter says Ed Reed, while not having yet agreed to play safety for the 2013 Houston Texans, has not left Houston left. He's spending the night. That's always a good sign, right?

If nothing else, Ed Reed's people like what they've seen from the Texans thus far:

Which in turn has the NFL insiders speculating that all of the evidence indicates Reed will become a Texan:

I'm feeling pretty good about the Texans' chances of landing Ed Reed. How about you?