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2013 NFL Free Agency: Ed Reed, Andre Johnson, And Chris Myers Speak

Comcast Sportsnet Houston talks to the trinity of Hurricanes about Ed Reed, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Houston Texans.

Ed. Reed.
Ed. Reed.

We're into our third calendar day of #ReedWatch (or #Reed2Houston) and we finally have heard interviews, thanks to something called Comcast Sportsnet Houston.

There are five(!) videos for you to get your morning fix on Ed Reed news. The man-in-question talks about Baltimore and how he can't believe how things are happening, in regards to how free agency is transpiring in Baltimore with the exodus of Ravens. He understands that this is a business, but you can tell he's a bit surprised at this level of change.

Moving on from that, Mr. Reed talks about the organization and Houston here, referring to it as a "home away from home." In that interview, we learn how long the illustrious Andre Johnson has been talking up Houston to the inevitable Hall of Famer. If you're worried about his health, Reed also makes note of getting ready for the season with an offseason regimen.

If that season is with the Texans, Reed's well-versed with the #BullsOnParade as he seems pretty excited about playing with J.J. Watt, Mr. Smith (as he calls him), a returning Brian Cushing, and possible partner-in-crime Danieal Manning. There's some genuine excitement here because the talent around him is young and hungry. You often think of what Reed offers the Texans, but, at the same time, the Texans do offer him a talented defense and maybe a shot of invigoration by playing with young, promising talent near to his hometown.

While they wouldn't play on the same side of the ball, Andre Johnson is very excited about playing with his former teammate from The U. While some dispute Johnson playing a role in recruitment, he admits that he's put a bug in Reed's ear. Chris Myers, another U teammate of Reed's, also talks about his excitement at getting a player of Reed's caliber and stature. Even if Reed has lost a step, you have to consider the locker room reaction of bringing someone like him in and, if Johnson and Myers are to be our examples, it would go over quite well in Reliant.

Bask in the Ed Reed goodness and wait for the Deep Steel Blue smoke to rise out of the chimney in Reliant to signal some news. Reed did stay the night and is now, at around 9:30 a.m. CT, back in the Reliant offices, so maybe the "Breaking News" banner will get changed later today.