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2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Awarded 2 Compensatory Picks

The NFL has finally announced compensatory draft selections for lost free agents during the 2013 free agency period. As expected, the Houston Texans received additional draft picks.

Allison Joyce

For the past year, fans of the Houston Texans knew that they would receive compensatory draft picks during the 2013 NFL Draft for what happened during the 2012 free agency period.

Per the NFL's rules, a team receives a pick(s) if a team loses more free agents than they sign. There are also considerations taken in for player contracts and playing time that make compensatory picks harder to predict.

For the Houston Texans, they lost defensive end Mario Williams, cornerback Jason Allen, right guard Mike Brisiel, and tight end Joel Dreessen. They picked up punter Donnie Jones and inside linebacker Bradie James. With more lost than gained, and especially given the lost players' contracts, fans have been waiting to see what the compensation would be (maybe more so given how this year's free agency period has begun).

Today, the NFL announced that your Houston Texans received the following compensatory picks:

  • Third-Round Pick (95th overall)
  • Sixth-Round Pick (201st overall)

These picks are in addition to Houston's normal picks, which is the 27th pick in each of the draft's seven rounds. Compensatory picks are not allowed to be traded, but the extra picks could embolden general manager Rick Smith to move some picks around if he really wanted to move up or down, especially in rounds 3 and 6.

Thoughts, BRBers? Do you feel fairly compensated for the losses of 2012? Will these picks help craft the perfect draft strategy?