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And On the Mound...J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt will throw out the first pitch at of the major league baseball season at the Houston Astros' opening day.

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Jim Rogash

Mr. Watt appears to be continuing his quest to be come the most liked man in the world. Watt marries little girls for a day, surprises a happy couple that made him their groom's cake, made the day of children from Sandy Hook, and as we speak he is overseas with our troops.

Watt has been photographed at Rockets games with an Olajuwon jersey on and wearing Astros caps to press conferences. He has even worn a Craig Biggio jersey to a press conference, in support the day that Biggio wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame. The guy knows how to tug on Houston's heartstrings.

Today it was announced the Watt will be throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day, when the Astros will be taking on the Rangers. The game on March 31st will the first MLB game played in 2013 and will be televised on ESPN (for all those still waiting on CSN Houston). Watt, a former high school pitcher, should have no problem throwing the first strike of 2013.

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