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2013 NFL Draft: With The 27th Pick Of The 2013 NFL Draft, Mocking The Draft Says The Houston Texans Select...

Mocking The Draft's latest installment has the Texans taking a player in the first round that would likely be met with much positive emotion from the Houston fan base.

Yes.  YES.
Yes. YES.
Kevin C. Cox

I'm two days late to the party (thanks for getting in the way, real life), but Mocking The Draft's latest creation is up for your review. Who do they have your Houston Texans taking?

27. Houston Texans
DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson WR 6'1 214 Jr.

The draft's top wide receiver falls to the Houston Texans, who just so happen to have a huge whole in the lineup across from Andre Johnson. This is a perfect fit.

Unless you're one of those anti-wide-receiver-in-the-first-round types, I have to believe this pick, if it came to pass on April 25th, would be most pleasing to the our illustrious fan base. Am I correct in that thinking?