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2013 NFL Free Agency: Hall Of Famer Ed Reed Signs With Houston Texans

#ReedWatch is over. The Houston Texans and safety Ed Reed have agreed to terms.

He's a Texan.
He's a Texan.
Kevin C. Cox

Houston Texans fans, the waiting is over. Safety Ed Reed has agreed to terms with the Houston Texans.

Yes, the Texans have landed their big free agency target. As of 6 p.m. Houston Time, no terms of the agreement have been reported. It has been reported that Reed wanted somewhere in the $6-7 million per year range but the market was only around $4 million per year. We'll see where the Texans came in and for how long.

On the field, the Texans get a bonafide leader and a safety who prepares with the best of them. While his speed may have diminished, Reed puts himself in the right position due to that preparation. That said, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips likely will tweak some of his scheme since Reed is more centerfielder than in-the-box jack-of-all-trades. However, given the massive coverage breakdowns in the second half of the season, that's a trade-off that many Texans fans will make.

More to come on this story, but what say you, BRB? Happy #ReedWatch is over? Happy to have him on roster?

EDIT 1: We now know the length of the contract.

EDIT 2: We have more numbers.