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Friday Quicky: Reed Speaks; Pollard Drops Knowledge, Hammer

Here are four stories to end your Friday. McClain huffs and puffs. Jacoby hasn't met a camera he didn't like. Bernard Pollard vows to continue smashing faces, and his former teammate Ed Reed shares his thoughts on his future with the Texans.

Purple is for kool-aid. Reed looks slick in Deep Steel Blue.
Purple is for kool-aid. Reed looks slick in Deep Steel Blue.
AP / Houston Chronicle Nick de la Torre

Of course you've now heard about free safety Ed Reed finally signing with the Houston Texans. Everyone's favorite beat writer was a little perturbed last night when Mr. Reed wouldn't speak to him, and the other media folk, at the airport. Cue the outrage!

My sympathies go to Reed in this case. The last thing I'd want after a long flight is to be bombarded with questions late at night. At least McClain managed to get a bit of exercise.


Check out demigod Andre Johnson hanging out with Jacoby Jones and his DWTS partner Karina Smirnoff. The dance duo are in Houston practicing their jazz routine. What's up with the New York hat, Dre?


Former Texans safety (and human sledgehammer) Bernard Pollard signed a one-year contract with the Tennessee Titans, yesterday. He was interviewed on SportsRadio 610 and shared his side of the story on the "mutiny," his thoughts on the culture of the Baltimore Ravens locker room, and what he thinks the Texans will get from newly-signed Ed Reed. Pollard was also very vocal in his opposition to the new "Helmet" rule for running backs. He was always one of my favorite interviews during his time in Houston because of his strong opinions and candor. You can listen here. Here's a snippet:

"Everybody had that 'I wanna kill' mentality... We walked out on the field with a personality and we walked out on the field looking to bully another team."

~ Pollard on the culture of the Ravens' locker room

One more gem:

"For the most part, you can say "bounty" or whatever, that's the mentality I go with, anyway. Whether you pay me or not, I'm going out there trying to hurt somebody. It's killed or be killed in this league, and that's the way I play."

~ Pollard on what he'll bring to the Tennessee Titans

If you need a reminder on the boomstick Pollard carries here you go:

Bernard Pollard Massive Hit On Stephan Ridley Causing Him To Fumble (via GoinHamOnEm88)


Finally, check out's interview with Texans free safety Reed immediately following the contract signing.

"There's going to be some trouble for a lot of people to come this fall. We've got a squad, man."

~Reed on lining up behind Brian Cushing and J.J. Watt

That's what we're hoping for, Ed. Don't let us down.