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Sweet Sixteen Saturday- Your Saturday Open Thread

Where and what will you be doing as the Madness unfolds?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This was going to be the year your bracket would be perfect. After last season, you decided that March Madness is as awesome as a three hump camel, and you will watch as much college basketball as possible even if your alma mater is South Central Louisiana State. You scoured the internet for as much info as possible, came up with your own manifesto, and even ran some regression analysis. You knew that New Mexico was played in an over rated conference that did nothing to improve its non conference record. You knew the A-10 and the PAC 12 are the real deal.

Everything was going great until disaster struck as your bracket hit a hurricane in the Florida Gulf Coast, and your sleeper pick of Georgetown in the Final Four burned down in front of you like a summer forest fire in Colorado. Every year the same result, when it comes to picking a March Madness bracket - it's ripped to shreds once Lehigh University beats Duke or VCU beats Kansas.

It's the myth of Sisyphus for all Americans when making their NCAA bracket. They push the boulder to the top of the mountain when they complete their bracket only to be in utter misery as it rolls back down the hill when #3 seeds lose to #14 seeds and when one picks the wrong #12 seed to upset the #5. Yet, next year, you will be pushing the boulder back up the hill. It's Sweet Sixteen Saturday, and you might have six teams out of the sixteen that will advance today. But, dammit, everyone is going to have fun watching the ensuing wildness.

Now that Houston has finally made their big moves in free agency barring a few depth signings, Texans fans can finally relax about the Texans free agency decisions. Everyone can focus their attention on on the greatest sporting event known to man and take a break on off-season speculation until the NFL Draft. What upsets did you correctly pick (it doesn't count if you make four different brackets)? Who's in our Final Four? How badly do you miss Augustus Cornelius "Gus" Johnson Jr? Discuss whatever you want even if it's not NCAA basketball, but remember the community guidelines still exist.