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2013 NFL Draft: With The 27th Pick Of The 2013 NFL Draft, Mocking The Draft Says The Houston Texans Select...

I would be okay with this if only for its potential for side-splitting, bleach-inducing comedy. Check out who Mocking The Draft has the Texans taking with the 27th overall pick.


It's Monday, which means Mocking The Draft has released another mock draft. This week's edition has none other than Georgia state prison enthusiast Alec Ogletree (scouting report here, if you haven't already seen it) going to your Houston Texans in the first round. You can see the entire first round at MTD here.

27. Houston Texans
Alec Ogletree, Georgia MLB 6'2 1/2
242 Jr.

Other than Ed Reed, the Texans have been relatively quiet in free agency. While Brooks Reed is likely to get moved to the inside, a player like Ogletree can stay on the outside. Ogletree may have some character concerns, but there are no questions about his athleticism and playmaking ability. He’s a fluid linebacker adept at dropping in coverage. That would allow Brian Cushing to pay more attention to the run and blitzing.

What do you think of the pick? Are you as mad at the fake Vikings for being greedy enough to take both fake Arthur Brown and fake DeAndre Hopkins? Shake your fist at the fake Vikings below and share your thoughts on the notion of Alec Ogletree, first round draft pick of the Houston Texans.