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2013 BRB Mock Draft: Six Teams Still Need General Managers

There are still six openings in the 2013 BRB Mock Draft. If you have any interest in participating, it's not too late to claim a team.

This could be you.
This could be you.
Jamie Squire

We still have a handful of teams in need of your--yes, you; I'm talking to you and you alone, person who is reading this--genius. As I type this, there are six (6) teams that remain unclaimed for the 2013 BRB Mock Draft. One of those teams is the Chiefs. We can't very well start a mock draft without someone making the first pick, so I'd be much obliged if someone would step up and claim the Chiefs (as well as the Raiders, Lions, Giants, Colts, and Packers) as his or her own. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Jacksonville Jaguars--La Voz
3. Oakland Raiders
4. Philadelphia Eagles--Lukayyy
5. Detroit Lions
6. Cleveland Browns--Three and Out
7. Arizona Cardinals--theSpaceCityKid
8. Buffalo Bills--BricAM
9. New York Jets--Mbw987
10. Tennessee Titans--Deaconbrodie
11. San Diego Chargers--grandmasteroz
12. Miami Dolphins--BigHD
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Sweech
14. Carolina Panthers--UTBawse23
15. New Orleans Saints--FreeRange
16. St. Louis
17. Pittsburgh Steelers--clornelas
18. Dallas Cowboys--astrosbro95
19. New York Giants
20. Chicago Bears--RedWhitePaws
21. Cincinnati Bengals--McKnight299
22. St. Louis
23. Minnesota Vikings--The Night Owl
24. Indianapolis Colts
25. Minnesota Vikings--The Night Owl
26. Green Bay Packers
27. Houston Texans--BRB Staff
28. Denver Broncos--Capt Ron
29. New England Patriots--MaloneyPony
30. Atlanta Falcons--riversmccown
31. San Francisco 49ers--TexansDC
32. Baltimore Ravens--Cougfan

If I missed anyone or incorrectly gave someone a team, please let me know in the Comments below. More importantly, let's get that last handful of teams claimed so we can get this show on the road.