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Battle Red Newswire: One Last Good-Bye

Another fun-filled installment of Houston Texans and NFL news It's the Battle Red Newswire for Friday, March 29, 2013.

So Cosmo.
So Cosmo.
Bob Levey

Houston Texans News

Final Good-byes
We've all poured one out for the loss of Connor Barwin, at the very least for the personality if not for the player on the field. Barwin gave one last goodbye on twitter yesterday. Among the people he named, Blaine Gabbert. Which only seems like the right thing to do when you sack the man four times in one game.

Around the NFL

Back To Work
The NFL announced the calendar for the offseason work out program. Team activities start as soon as April 1, with the Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, and Eagles starting strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation.

Purify That New Uniform in the Waters of Lake Minnetonka
With the news of the Dolphins' new logo and jersey being leaked. The Vikings will be unveiling their new uniforms at their draft party. This comes after the Vikings "updated" their logo as well. Any change in Minnesota is for the better; their current getup looks like it is from the Arena Football League at best.

Thanks, Joe
It looks like Aaron Rodgers will soon have a new contract with the Packers. Rodgers still has two years left on his current contract. Let's setup the mental picture and turn on the "Price is Right" music. Bring out the Drew Carey. Screw it! Bring Bob Barker out of retirement. Joe Flacco is getting paid $120.6 million over six years. How much would you pay for Rodgers? If you say $120,600,001, I will find you and cut you.

Pay me...more then that guy!
Dwight Freeney feels his services are worth more than Osi Umenyiora. Umenyiora recently signed with the Atlanta Falcons for two years and $8.5 million. The front-runner for Freeney appears to be the Broncos. Which means that the Texans just can't get away from the whirling dervish that is Freeney.

The Times, They Are Changin'
New Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly has instituted a new rule that allows players to pick any locker they want in the locker room. Which just screams to me, "Hey fellas, I'm one of the cool guys".

From the Double-take Department
The Jets have brought in Jeff Garcia to help right the ship that is Mark Sanchez. Mark, come meet Jeff, he'll help you get comfortable with being a back-up and forgotten in a few years.

Finally, the Chiefs have brought in Brad Childress to help with their spread offense. You read that correctly, Childress is coming in to help with a modern offense concept. First thing that comes to mind when I think of the Vikings under Childress was a dynamic, groundbreaking, and revolutionary offense. It was more like Adrian Peterson up the middle, Peterson up the middle, and what the heck Peterson up the middle one more time.