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2013 BRB Mock Draft: With The Fourth Overall Pick, The Philadelphia Eagles Select...

You know how every mock draft has a pick where your initial reaction is, "Zuh?", but then you think about it a bit more and realize it makes sense? This may be the first such instance in the 2013 BRB Mock Draft.

I'm sure this guy will love whoever the Eagles take.
I'm sure this guy will love whoever the Eagles take.
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The floor and fake podium are yours, Lukayy.

With the fourth pick of the 2013 Battle Red Blog Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Dee Milliner (CB--Alabama).

This has been a rough offseason for the Eagles. They basically wiped all members of the glorious "Dream Team" off their books. This included the much-maligned Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the $60 Million Dollar Man, Nnamdi Asomugha (I won't lie; I had to google the name to confirm the spelling). This was done with good reason. The Eagles gave up the most passing TDs last year (33) while only coming up with 8 picks. Even the Jaguars had more picks then the Eagles. This defense needs a boost. It tied for third in points conceded in 2012. Have I mentioned it also gave up 11 40+ yard plays last season? The league worst was 14. The Eagles were only 3 more blown Nnamdi coverages away from being the league leaders in this category.

Now that we've got all the boring stats stuff out of the way, we can move onto why I took Milliner over everyone else. The Eagles' front four is beyond stacked, so the idea of taking Star Lotulelei or Shariff Floyd here wouldn't really make sense. Now, I thought of Eric Fisher had Jacksonville not taken him, but I had two objections to this. First off, both of Philadelphia's starting tackles (Todd Herremans and Pro Bowler Jason Peters) are coming back to their starting roles. I know Fisher is very highly rated but he's not going to usurp a Pro Bowl tackle in Peters straight off the bat, and taking a player who's basically going to be your right tackle with the fourth overall pick? Sorry, but I'm taking an impact starter here, not someone who'll be playing a position that can be filled in later rounds.

As for looking at filling some of the Eagles' other holes with this pick, I looked at the safety spot, but taking Kenny Vaccaro at 4 would have been suicide. They could have also used another LB, but again none of the current crop is good enough to be taken that high (except for Manti Te'o, obviously).

The biggest reason I took this fantastic do-it-all corner is that I really didn't want to give the Lions the chance to fix their secondary.

Interesting pick. While I find it hard to believe Dion Jordan is still on the board, drafts never go how we think they will. The Lions, and jwerner91, are now on the clock. We won't be revealing any new picks over the weekend, so the Lions' pick is due to me by e-mail at or before 7 p.m. CDT on Sunday. It'll be posted at 10 a.m. CDT on Monday.


1. Kansas City Chiefs--Luke Joeckel (OT--Texas A&M)
2. Jacksonville Jaguars--Eric Fisher (OT--Central Michigan)
3. Oakland Raiders--Sharrif Floyd (DT--Florida)
4. Philadelphia Eagles--Dee Milliner (CB--Alabama)

5. Detroit Lions--jwerner91
6. Cleveland Browns--Three and Out
7. Arizona Cardinals--theSpaceCityKid
8. Buffalo Bills--BricAM
9. New York Jets--Mbw987
10. Tennessee Titans--Deaconbrodie
11. San Diego Chargers--grandmasteroz
12. Miami Dolphins--BigHD
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--Sweech
14. Carolina Panthers--UTBawse23
15. New Orleans Saints--FreeRange
16. St. Louis
17. Pittsburgh Steelers--clornelas
18. Dallas Cowboys--astrosbro95
19. New York Giants--UprootedTexan
20. Chicago Bears--RedWhitePaws
21. Cincinnati Bengals--McKnight299
22. St. Louis
23. Minnesota Vikings--The Night Owl
24. Indianapolis Colts--ckone
25. Minnesota Vikings--The Night Owl
26. Green Bay Packers--krkenney
27. Houston Texans--BRB Staff
28. Denver Broncos--Capt Ron
29. New England Patriots--MaloneyPony
30. Atlanta Falcons--riversmccown
31. San Francisco 49ers--TexansDC
32. Baltimore Ravens--Cougfan