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Need Something To Do On A Saturday? Follow MTD's Two Round Mock NFL Draft LIVE!

Sitting in my chair staring at the comments on an SB Nation site. Yep, sounds like a Saturday. Mosey on over to MTD's two-round live mock of the 2013 NFL Draft.


Mocking the Draft has a two round community mock going today at 3:00 PM EDT/2:00 PM CDT for the first time in...well...a while. Yours truly and The Night Owl are participating in this event as co-Texans GMs; knowing us, you can expect some combination of Keenan Allen/DeAndre Hopkins/Arthur Brown/Tyler Eifert/Kawann Short/Sylvester Williams/literally any right tackle as possible Texans first round picks. Now that I think about it, the 27th overall pick is about as wide open as it can be. We need a lot of things, and a lot of things will be available to us. This should be a good time.

You can follow the mock live at Mocking the Draft in the various threads they set up in the comments, and I'll be providing my own commentary and recap on my Twitter (@BrettKollmann) if you can't get to MTD. I expect every single one of you to boo and hiss at my inevitably terrible pick. Let the Fleener/Hill Hopkins/Brown debate begin!