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2013 NFL Mock Draft: And With The 27th Pick, MDC Selects...

One man's trash is another man's All-Pro. Check out what BRB's MDC did with the Texans' first round pick in this 2013 NFL mock draft.

Harry How

Our own MDC recently participated in a blogger mock draft over on Though he really, really wanted a new nose tackle (which I would have totally supported had Kawann Short been available), MDC's alternate universe Texans came out with who I believe is the best pure wide receiver prospect in this class.

Pick: Keenan Allen WR, CAL
Analysis: I really, really wanted to take Jesse Williams or Brandon Williams with this pick, because Shaun Cody is a waste of DNA, but I simply can’t pass up Keenan Allen. With DeVier Posey’s Achilles injury and Kevin Walter’s having not yet invented a transmogrifier to turn him into something better than Kevin Walter, the need for a second WR opposite Andre Johnson is high. Allen appears to be the second coming of Anquan Boldin with his combination of size/strength and willingness to play over the middle. This should open things up for Andre Johnson, and, with any luck, one of the remaining DTs will be available later in the second round.

I don't know how or why Keenan Allen was allowed to fall to the bottom of the first round, but when a diamond drops into our hypothetical lap, I will never complain. You can see the entire mock draft right here.