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2013 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Express Interest In Eric Winston

The Houston Texans are reportedly interested in bringing back the services of Eric Winston.

This looks wrong.
This looks wrong.

We have our first movement from the Houston Texans regarding the 2013 free agency period, according to Philadelphia Daily News writer Les Bowen. According to Mr. Bowen, the Texans are one of two teams to express interest in soon-to-be released Kansas City Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston. The other, of course, being the Philadelphia Eagles.

I won't attempt to think about how Winston could fit into Chip Kelly's offensive scheme, but I am partially surprised that the Texans have expressed interest in the Caveman. The Texans seemingly have been in support of incumbent starter Derek Newton, despite noticeable year one struggles. There was talks about bringing in a veteran to challenge Newton but, as experience with Houston suggests, it wasn't going to be a valid competition.

On the other hand, the Texans also have free agents in both reserve tackles, Ryan Harris and Rashad Butler. Newton also could very well use more time being groomed and getting his body a bit lighter to help his movement, perhaps as a swing tackle. If you wanted to really throw an off-the-wall idea out there, the Texans, who are looking to free up cap space, could release Pro Bowl left guard Wade Smith to save $3 million. That would still show faith in Newton and free up a spot for Winston, who could better utilize his strength and mask his speed-rusher weakness.

Thoughts, faithful readers? Is this idea of bringing Winston back a good one?