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2013 NFL Free Agency: Former Texans WR Kevin Walter Signs With Tennessee Titans

Kevin Walter signs with the Tennessee Titans. Texans fans react.

A Rare Reception for KW
A Rare Reception for KW
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This is either the worst April Fool's joke of all-time or the Tennessee Titans have agreed to one-year deals with offensive lineman Chris Spencer and the second-greatest receiver in Houston Texans franchise history, Kevin Walter, for an undisclosed amount.

Walter signed with the Houston Texans in the 2006 season after being used mostly as a special teams player for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played the same sort of role with Houston in 2006, but then became the Texans' number two receiver in 2007. In 2008, Walter had his best season as a pro, catching 60 passes for 899 yards and eight touchdowns. Unfortunately, that was his peak as a NFL wide receiver and he has been in a slow decline since.

This past season, Kevin Walter became expendable at his current salary after failing to gain any separation against opposing defenders. Most Texans fans welcomed the sight of his release to make cap room, unless you fall into the Gary "Walter does all of the little things right and he's a great guy" Kubiak camp and were hoping for him to re-sign with Houston for the sort of contract the Titans signed him to. This signing could also mean the end of Nate Washington era in Tennessee. Knowing the unluckiness of the Texans, Kevin Walter will become the Yin to Jake Locker's Yang and accumulate 1,000 receiving yards in 2013.

Kevin Walter started 89 games, catching 326 passes for 4,83 yards and 24 touchdowns for the Houston Texans and was named recently to Houston's All-Decade Team.