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March Madness, NFL Style: Day 3

The NFL as NCAA Tournament rolls on. See who advanced to the third round, and vote on which teams should move on to the fourth round.

Ronald Martinez

The results from the second round are now in.

South Region - San Antonio

1. Atlanta Falcons 75.76%

5. New Orleans Saints 24.24%

3. Cincinnati Bengals 31.82%

2. Washington Redskins 68.12%

West Region - Los Angeles

1. New England Patriots 93.94%

5. St. Louis Rams 6.06%

3. Minnesota Vikings 39.39%

2. Baltimore Ravens 60.61%

*Opposite Side of Bracket

North - Columbus

1. Denver Broncos 86.36%

4. New York Giants 13.64%

3. Indianapolis Colts 8.96%

2. Houston Texans 91.04%

East - University Park

1. San Fransisco 49ers 96.97%

4. Chicago Bears 3.03%

3. Seattle Seahawks 69.7%

2. Green Bay Packers 30.3%

The second round was much of the same as the first, with all of the higher seeds winning, except for the team from Seattle. In a rematch from the replacement referee fiasco in Week Three, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Packers again in extraordinary fashion. On 4th and 10 at the Green Bay 30-yard line, Russell Wilson lined up in the backfield with five seconds left in the game and the Seahawks down 14-10. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth with the call.

"What an extraordinary turn of events here tonight," says Michaels. "The Seahwaks and Packers are in the exact same situation as Week Three. Russell Wilson has not looked like a 24-year-old at all. He has driven the Seahawks 40 yards in 30 seconds with a chance to win the game. On top of all of it, Wilson has done it right after Aaron Rodgers took the lead the possession before. Whatever the outcome is, I can't wait to see how it plays out!"

"Al, if you think you are excited you should feel these nipples," Collinsworth adds disturbingly. "If I am Aaron Rodgers, I am furious with my defense. After taking back the lead on my last drive with 35 seconds left, my defense let Seattle march back into scoring distance. It's preposterous. Dom Capers better hope he has the the right defense on this play and he better double-cover Golden Tate. We have seen this situation before and Rodgers knows anything can happen. At least we have real officials this time."

"Here it is, the conclusion of the game. The winner gets the rights to play San Francisco. Russell Wilson is back to receive the final snap in the shotgun formation and, and, and, it goes over his head! He quickly picks it up in stride, rolls to the right, JUKES a diving Clay Matthews, and heaves the ball into the back of the end zone with every inch of his height. I can't believe it! I can't believe it! Sidney Rice leaps over Charles Woodson and makes the catch. Seahawks win 17-14! Seahawks win! We will be SEEing the Seahawks next week!"

"I have seen it all, Al. I have seen it all."

These are the moments the NFL is missing out on until the playoff schedule is changed to a March Madness hair-raising format. Even Doug Flutie would have been impressed by that final play. The bracket is set for the round of eight and the winners get to play in the Final Four. However, it is going to need a new name, so the NFL does not completely take over March Madness. I am going with Lombardi's Last Four (everyone loves alliterations) until someone can or does come up with something better. Below is the bracket for the third round. Just like the past couple of days, the link to make your selections will be down there as well.

Round 3

South Region - San Antonio

1. Atlanta Falcons

2. Washington Redskins

West Region - Los Angeles

1. New England Patriots

2. Baltimore Ravens

*Opposite Side of Bracket

North Region - Columbus

1. Denver Broncos

2. Houston Texans

East Region - University Park

1. San Fransisco 49ers

3. Seattle Seahawks

Make Your Picks Here.