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Arian Foster Beats Russell Wilson To Advance In Madden 25 Cover Vote

Another week and another victory for hybrid hipster/running back Arian Foster in the Madden 25 Cover Vote. He edged past Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, but now has to stare down the reigning MVP and undisputed best running back in the game today. Is it over for Arian?

Jim McIsaac

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has edged a four-point victory in the semifinals of the Madden 25 Cover Vote. Seattle's dynamite rookie quarterback Russell Wilson joins San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick, Atlanta wide receiver Julio Jones and new New England WR Danny Amendola on the list of beaten opponents. His next opponent is Minnesota Vikings RB, and defending league MVP, Adrian Peterson who has utterly destroyed his bracket opponents thus far. He has garnered at least 70% of the votes in each round. It will be tough sledding for Foster to advance to the Finals.

Foster has been the underdog his whole life, and he takes it personally. If you haven't watched his story on E:60, you need to because it's really good. Did you know that Arian is half-Mexican?

E60: Arian Foster - Self Made (via ESPN)

His advice to kids: "Don't listen to adults." He also says to vote for him here if you want to see him on the Madden 25 Cover.

On the Old School side, San Francisco WR Jerry Rice has beaten former mercenary Deion Sanders by a 20 point margin, much to TexansDC's glee (Editor's note: You win that bet, Corzo. Rice is the G.O.A.T.). Honestly, I'm surprised. I thought for sure Sanders' popularity on NFL Network, and the popularity of those Leon Sandcastle commercials, would carry him to the finals. Rice will go on to face Detroit RB Barry Sanders, who took 57% of the vote against Rice's former quarterback Joe Montana (Editor's note: What's wrong with America?).

I can't see Foster advancing past Peterson, but I will vote for him anyway. It would be nice to see Peterson go up against Sanders, however. One future great vs a former great.

A shout out to REISE13 for whooping DAT BEHIND (mine) in Madden last week. The 49ers are not to be trifled with. Add me on Xbox: GamerTag is DrunkenSmuggler.