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March Madness, NFL Style: Day 4

The third day of the Madness has concluded. Look and see who has progressed into the last four.


The results from the third round are now in.

South Region-San Antonio

1. Atlanta Falcons 69.57%

2. Washington Redskins 30.43%

West Region-Los Angeles

1. New England Patriots 67.14%

2. Baltimore Ravens 32.86%

*Opposite Side of Bracket

North Region- Columbus

1. Denver Broncos 21.13%

2. Houston Texans 78.87%

East Region- University Park

1. San Fransisco 49ers 39.94%

3. Seattle Seahawks 60.56%

Oh, how the mighty have finally fallen. The colossal one seeds that had dominated the NFL landscape for 19 weeks have finally been tripped up like a six tusk Mumakil. Seattle carried on its surge from its upset yesterday by rampaging through the 49ers, reminiscent of their 42-13 Week 16 match up. Houston proves Denver, not Houston, was overrated last season by winning the North Region in their match-up. Did you know the Broncos only beat one team over .500 all season? They went 1-3 against teams over .500 and their only win came in Week 15 against Baltimore.

The opposite side of the bracket saw the powerhouse Falcons and Patriots continue their dominance by beating the Redskins and Ravens. Joe Flacco finally throws a interception against the Pats and RG3 runs out of room to run in their losses. Also if this was to happen outside of a hypothetical idea that light-bulbed in my brain, the teams winning their regional would have to tear the goal posts down before they left the field. Whether it would be done through a horde of fans selected to join the destruction or an explosions, the posts would have to go down.

Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, and New England all have their tickets punched to head to glorious Lincoln, Nebraska. Lombardi's Last Four is set and below are the match ups and the link to vote. Once again thanks for voting.

Lombardi's Last Four-Lincoln Nebraska

1. Atlanta Falcons

1. New England Patriots

2. Houston Texans

3. Seattle Seahawks.

Make Your Picks Here.