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March Madness, NFL Style: Championship Edition

The picks are in for Lombardi's Last Four. See who advances to the championship game.


Lombardi's Last Four - Lincoln, Nebraska

1. Atlanta Falcons 40.63%

1. New England Patriots 59.38%

2. Houston Texans 76.56%

3. Seattle Seahawks 23.44%

Houston wins once again after limping into the postseason and proving that momentum does not matter at all. The Patriots came back from behind, after being down early in the polls and beat the Falcons in a shootout on a crisp Lincoln night.

The talking heads will continue to have discussions with each other about how Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan "can't win the big one." Houston even has to play against the Patriots in a Super Bowl in an alternate reality. Just one more match-up left until a champion is crowned for the first time in the new playoff format. Remember how frenetic and anxiety ridden the Divisional Round match-up was? Multiply that by 100 in this rematch against the Patriots.

This time we will just use a simple poll and not a survey to pick the winners. Thanks again for voting, everyone.