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2013 NFL Mock Draft: A New Name To Houston Via Mocking The Draft

If you're tired of all this round one receiver talk then do we have a mock draft for you, Texans fans.

Big man has hops.
Big man has hops.

I'm sure most people, when we highlight a mock draft here, are pretty used to seeing a wide receiver's name, be it DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, or Cordarrelle Patterson. Today, that is not the case.

SB Nation's own Mocking The Draft has decidedly shook things up with today's mock release. Who do they expertly mock to your fake Houston Texans?

27. Houston Texans
Menelik Watson, Florida State OT 6'5 1/8
310 Jr.

The Texans need will be looking to upgrade the right tackle spot at some point during the draft. Menelik Watson has worked his way into first round consideration and has the athleticism to excel in Houston's zone-blocking scheme.

This isn't a totally from-left-field pick. Whenever you say athletic lineman, you immediately think of the Houston Texans and their zone-blocking scheme. Even those who closely follow the team have included Watson on their "Texans target lists." Watson's mock projected grade has varied, but he's on the rise following his pro day and potential to grow into a starting left tackle.

Before you charge MTD with pitchforks and torches, it should be noted that Patterson, Hopkins, and Allen are all off the board at this time. Also off the board is inside linebacker Arthur Brown, Brett's draft crush, and, favorite to some around here, tight end Tyler Eifert (to Chicago no someone smartly suggested just days ago). I'm sure some would rather the Texans grab Woods while they can while others would be hoping for a safety (D.J. Swearinger who goes at 31) or maybe even a guy who slipped out of round one, such as respected UCLA defensive end Datone Jones.

As for myself, I'd debate between Woods and Jones and seriously consider a move up to the high second round to grab whomever I didn't take at 27. Where do you stand, BRBers? Are you happy to see right tackle addressed or do you want someone else (and if so who)?